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BONUS FOR NEWBIE - New server L2R №5

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Dear players!

It's now easier to start playing on the new Remastered server. We've added some helpful changes to make the start of the game more comfortable.

If you haven't started playing yet - now is the time ;)


  • Weapon_dual_sword_i00_0.jpg Now all characters upon creation receive the Sword of Valhalla * Sword of Valhalla +10 (no rank, spending soul and spirit charges - 2 pcs.);
    • Physical Attack: 35;
    • Magic Attack: 35.
  • pohlebka.png Traveler's Chowder x1 - a buff set of positive effects;
  • beer_bottle.png Bottle of Beer x2 - increases the experience gained and SP by 20% for 20 minutes;
  • vitality.png Elixir of Vitality for Beginners 1-39 lvl. x10 - restores 1000 Vitality points.
  • All new characters receive 1.png Legendary Rune Newbie 100% - 14 days.
  • All characters created within last 7 days receive  1.png Legendary Rune Newbie 100% - 7 days.
    • If available in inventory, it increases received 2.jpg Fragments of Legendary Jewelry 100% in Kamaloka - Hall of the Abyss.


  • The Novice Guide now applies improved positive effects on characters of 1-40 level (the effects do not disappear when entering the time zones);
    • 2e967da12a.jpg
  • Raised rates from level 1 to 70 (the higher the level, the lower the rate x10> x1);
  • Now Vitality points are restored faster in a peaceful zone and when the character is out of the game;
  • Now items that need to be obtained on a mission from NPC Batis are added to all group members at the same time when killing a monster.


  • Complete at least the first task in ALT + U in the "Quests of the Novice 1-45 lvl." Tab to get a set of Etc_soulshot_none_for_rookie_i00_0.jpg Soulshots and Spiritshots;
  • For characters from level 24, the first Labyrinth of the Abyss is available - kill bosses to gain a large amount of Etc_exp_point_i00_0.jpg experience.


  • Upon reaching level 10 - a reward armor_magic_deco_belt_i01.png Mithril Belt  (auto-loot) for 1 day; 
  • Upon reaching level 20 - a reward white_pve.png Cloak of White PVE for 1 day;
  • Upon reaching level 30 - a reward ticket_i00.png re-entry tickets to each of the instances.

    Game Shop changes:

  • New items for enchanting have been added to starter packages:
    • image.png - Благословенный свиток улучшения Плаща х4
    • image.png - Благословенный свиток улучшения Пояса х4
    • image.png - Благословенный свиток улучшения Браслета х4

      The complete set of packages can be found by clicking on the link - LINK
      Bonuses that these items receive when enchanting - LINK
  • Added to all starter packages:
    image.png - Elixir of Vitality (restores 7500 points when used). The time between reuse is 30 minutes.
  • Changed the cost of the pet's appearance change service to 40 Etc_coins_gold_i00_0.jpg Units. - LINK
  • Added to the Game Shop br_cash_rune_of_exp_i00.png Newbie Runes 67- 72 Lv.
    The rune increases the experience gained and skill points by 100%.
  • Decrease the cost of packs of Spirit and Soul Shots.
  • Decrease ticket prices for Ticket_i00_0.jpg Near Kamaloka, Ticket_i00_0.jpg Kamaloka (Labyrinth of the Abyss), Ticket_i00_0.jpg Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss).
    You can find the bonuses that you get by going through these instance zones by following the link LINK
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