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Bonus start on server L2R NEW №4 - September 17 at 10:00 (GMT +3)


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Изменить язык: image.php?di=NDVA.png


Greetings, new resident of Valhalla!

We love new players, and therefore, especially for you, we have prepared a kit for a comfortable start.
It's time to start playing on Valhalla-Age!

image.php?di=MWZE.png image.php?di=83GJ.png

At the moment, when creating characters, you get the following items. Also, starting from September 28, character pumping will be simplified and additional items will be issued to simplify the start of the game.

The information in this thread will be updated.

Reward for beginner
List of rewards for character creation:

  • image.php?di=N4EU.jpg Club Card (3-day)
  • 7anni cloack i02 0.jpg Cloak of White [Regeneration & PvE] (3-day)
  • Armor_magic_deco_belt_i01_0.jpg Mithril Belt [Autoloot] (3-day)
  • br_four_leaf_clover_i00.png Lucky Clover [Premium] (1-day) x3
  • Item_71103.jpg Rune of Exp+Sp 30% (1-day) x4
  • image.php?di=Q7O1.png Rune of Drop Adena 30% (1-day) x4
  • image.php?di=GRMW.jpg Rune of Items Drop 30% (1-day) x4
  • image.php?di=8PE4.png Epic Fragment Rune (3-day)

Take reward!

List of rewards for quest "Help Bathis":

  • Armor t1003 ul i00 0.jpg Oath Armor No Grade
  • image.php?di=VULE.jpg Traveler Certificate №4


Complete Quest

List of rewards for quest chain for beginners:

  • image.php?di=KBIV.png Iron Bracelet
  • image.php?di=X0FG.png Talisman of Traveler
  • image.php?di=BAW6.png Scroll: Enchant Traveler's Talisman x3
  • Файл:Etc spell books red i00 0.jpg Travel Guide Bathis's (15+ level)

Complete Quest Chain

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