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Important! Marketplace Valhalla-Age (Update)

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Dear players!

In near future, Valhalla-age marketplace will be changed. We had need to go on technical work on our marketplace in order to prepare everything for upcoming start.

Marketplace for UNT and NEW server will be suspended from July 13, 2020.

Detailed information on changes in trade will be published in relevant sections when we are ready for this:

To upgrade to new system, we must zeroing marketplace, during which all market balances will be lost and all lots reset (returned to characters). Below I will write you instructions on how to save your money. Reset and shutdown of marketplace will occur - July 13, 2020.

f_icon.png 1 way: Withdraw funds.

You can write request to withdraw funds from marketplace by the end of July 12, 2020. Withdrawal will be completed after all conditions:

  • Minimum withdrawal amount is 100 units
  • Write-off and withdrawal will be made only from balance of marketplace (if you transfer Units to balance of MA - they will not be withdrawal)

f_icon.png 2 way: Saving Units on balance of Master Account

  • Minimum amount from 0 Units
  • You need to transfer your accumulated Units from balance of marketplace to balance of MA. There they will remain untouched when zeroing. How to do this is written in topic: [Instructions] Marketplace Valhalla-age
  • Attention, that you cannot withdraw Units from MA balance, but you can transfer them to game on any server.

UPD 07/13/2020

Marketplace are turned off.
All who managed to issue a ticket for withdrawal will receive their funds.

The purchase / sale of characters is temporarily carried out without the ability to withdraw Units. You will receive your Units on the balance of Master Account.

Answers to all questions can be obtained from the support center.

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