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Zones selected by Astrologers

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Astrologers of the world

Now, during the 3rd chapter of server, astrologers will daily at 20:00 (Moscow time) choose new zone in which increased mining of elemental stones will operate.

Astrologer can be found in Goddard:


Astrologer will offer you to get know with system, offer to teleport to beginning of currently selected zone and play game "Guess Zone."

Every day from 19:00 to 19:30 (GMT+3) you can choose 1 of 6 zones. If you guess zone that Astrologers will choose today - you can get reward:

  • 1 reward: "Blessing of the Gods" - increases chance of appearance of Best Energy in zone chosen by astrologers, increases experience gained and SP + 3%.
  •  2 reward: 10 Casket of Astrologer.


When you open Casket of Astrologer, you can get:

  • Sanding Paper
  • Dust Stone
  • Elemental Stone Shard
  • Rough Elemental Stone   
  • Elemental Stone

Active Zone Information

In 6 locations, Astrologers installed Obelisks:


Location list:

  • Forge of the Gods
  • Monastery of Silence
  • Primeval Isle
  • Ketra & Varka (considered as one zone)
  • Pagan Temple
  • Imperial Tomb

When astrologer selects location in its zone, Obelisk is activated, which means that in area next to Obelisk, increased drop and experience points are available. Next to each obelisk there are 2 zones:

  • Zone 1 - increased drop, drop of adena and experience + 10%
  • Zone 2 - increased drop, drop of adena and experience + 30%

In areas near Obelisk, there is chance that after killing of each monster there will be Energy Ray:


You can collect Dust Stones using a collection tool that you can buy from an Astrologer for 500,000 Adena. You can clean the dust stone from dust by double-clicking on it in your own inventory. If the stone is not damaged, you will receive a Shard of Elemental Stone.

Astrologer's Special Daily Mission

2 times day, you can perform task of astrologer. Killing monsters in active zone chosen by Astrologer you will receive Damaged Shards of Elemental Stones. Their number will be displayed in new interface:


After you receive 600 stones, a 12 hour stamp will be applied to you, which will no longer allow you to mine Damaged stones within 12 hours.

600 damaged stones Astrologer will exchange you for Elemental and Casket Stones of Astrologer:


Blessing of Astrologers

Every hour in chosen location by Astrologers, Activated Obelisk will transmit blessing of astrologers to all characters who will be next to it.

In 10 minutes, Astrologer announces in global chat that blessing will happen next to Obelisk.

Timer will be displayed in interface, which will show remaining time until blessing:


By clicking on the button in the timer, you will open a window in which the current selected location by astrologers and the "Find Obelisk" button are indicated. When you click on the "Find Obelisk" button, a guide arrow will appear above the character indicating the location of the obelisk, and a map will be opened and a mark will be placed on the obelisk:


All characters who will be at time of blessing will receive a positive effect:

  • Replenishment of Vitality points by 300 (2nd level of vitality);
  • Freeze Vitality Points for 15 minutes.

Elemental Stone Shard Exchange

Now the NPC Yin, which you can find in any city, can exchange your Shards of Elemental Stones for fragments belonging to other elements to you:


To exchange fragments, you will need Security Flaps, which can be obtained from Astrologer.

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