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Why will there be a full server?

Firstly, if we add up total audience of Valhalla's servers x3 (L2R # 2) + Ketra (Interlude X1), which started on the one day of August 23, 2019, we get a figure comparable to online one on our third server at the time of pandemic.

According to current data, we are aware that leaders of large clans are already waiting for information about new L2R server - this means that organized community of Interlude, GF, HF, Сlassiс will post information about launch of new server 3 months before server starts.

According to indicators in metric, Google analytics, we see that we have already significantly increased organic traffic and users regularly go directly to site or forum to get new information about project.

Advertising campaign starts 2 months before the server is launched, and current game servers also attract players to the project.

Why co-opening?

Those who follow the events of the L2 freeshards market know that our L2R # 2 server was launched in same time with Ketra server (Interlude x1) on August 28, 2019. As a result of advertising campaigns, we scored larger number of server audiences, but Ketra, despite fact that they are classified on higher rate servers, managed to collect fairly high audience rate. Therefore, this year we are creating joint server for gather of MAXIMUM online.

We do not want to divide audience into two servers, we want to provide players with our version of game, but with large number of players inside game world.

Together with Ketra - we have everything to repeat success of the third server, which we opened at beginning of pandemic.

Which side is responsible for what?

  • Side Valhalla-Age - acts as game developer, supports technical part of project, advertises new game world and provides support to players;
  • Side KetraWars - acts as partner to attract maximum number of players, takes part in resolving conflict issues and project development vector.


Updating client side of game
First you should be aware that we are preparing global update of game engine and according to our forecasts we will have proven and ready-to-use product on hand by January 2021, finally those who have already played L2R will be able to enjoy original interface, better optimization , improved textures and lighting in L2 from Fafurion client.
On new August server will be available opportunity to use two game clients: High Five and Fafurion.


Server Consolidation
All new Valhalla servers merge with the base server, which was launched on March 1, 2019. Consolidation of current active servers is scheduled for July 2020. Also, new server, which will be launched on August 28, 2020, will be merged with base server.


What's new to be expected in L2R
Our servers collect huge online, it is checked already by year of work and three starts. At the moment, we need to work out problem areas of the game, which widen the gap between the "new players" and "old players", so that attracting newcomers after starting server is more effective.

Additional info


 What are we preparing or considering for introduction at L2R №4

  • Add daily instance zone or alternative to compensate for getting EXP / SP equivalent to 2-3 hours of mob boost;
  • Number of fragments obtained to obtain fake epic should increase with opening of new chapters;
  • Fakes of epic jewelry should be improved not only in magic protection, but also in terms of bonuses, while differentiating between parts of server of fake epic in B / A / S ranks;
  • Drop from epic bosses adjusted for server development by chapters (let there be MORE epic level 1 in the initial chapters and increase the drop to 2, 3 levels with the opening of new chapters);
  • All 9 castles are available for capture from the first chapter of server;
  • Correction of bonus parameters of enchanted cloaks and belts;
  • Updating support classes that are less relevant in initial chapters.

Attention! Following information is tabled before launching 4 servers. You can express your viev in special section on forum.

  • Changing system for producing SA, which leads to deficit of SA at high levels;
  • Introduction of penalty on drop and spoil from mobs and RBs significantly exceeding level of character;
  • Transition from 3 server parts to 6 server parts (with restrictions on levels: 52, 66, 72, 78, 80, 85);
  • When chapters increase from 3 to 6, task for obtaining noblesse is to be transferred to level 66;
  • When increasing chapters from 3 to 6 - allow to insert attribute in A-grade items;
  • Passing an alternative task to get opportunity to choose sub-classes at level 52.

Go to discussion section.

Our launcher

We do not stand still and in addition to developing game engine so that you do not catch critical errors out and enjoy the smoothness of the modern game client by killing mobs or wars, we are developing convenient and functional launcher that will offer you not only to use fast-available functions of creating game accounts or contacting user support center - but also try to play other games. At the same time receiving bonuses for time that you have already accumulated in L2R :)

For what need launcher?


For quick get information about news and events of game;
For quick access to current version of game;
For quick purchase of game currency;
For quick contact with user support center;
For quick management of your master account (password change, etc.);
For convenient use of web store;
For convenient launch of game and management of location of game files.


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17.06.2020 в 21:35, Александр Петров сказал:

прогнулись под вона ахахахах


18.06.2020 в 00:20, gaff сказал:

Second,budit big war zoski? 

This is the international section of the forum, in Russian you can discuss here - 


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53 минуты назад, AresDevil сказал:

Будет ли сервер, открывающийся 28 августа, объединиться с HF сервером позже?

Я ответила Вам в другой теме.

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