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Bonus Start on L2R NEW - May 26, 2020

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Изменить язык: image.php?di=NDVA.png


Greetings, new resident of Valhalla!

We love new players, and therefore, especially for you, we have prepared a kit for a comfortable start.
It's time to start playing on Valhalla-Age!

image.php?di=MWZE.png image.php?di=83GJ.png

Reward for beginner
List of rewards for character creation:

  • Weapon falchion i00 0.jpg Weapon No Grade
  • image.php?di=YA7H.jpg Soulshot & Spiritshot Coupon x5
  • image.php?di=N4EU.jpg Club Card (7-day)
  • 7anni cloack i02 0.jpg Legendary Cloak of White (7-day) +6
  • Armor_magic_deco_belt_i01_0.jpg Mithril Belt [Autoloot] (7-day) +6
  • Etc_rbracelet_aga_agit_i00_0.jpg Gold Maned Lion Mount Bracelet (7-day)
  • vp.jpg Vitality Elixir 7000 x3
  • Br rune of eva i00 0.jpg Eva's Rune (7-day)
  • image.php?di=8PE4.png Epic Fragment Rune (7-day)
  • Br Uniform Hat i00 0.jpg Uniform Hat

image.php?di=YA7H.jpg Soulshot & Spiritshot Coupon can be exchanged at the Game Shop in the "Vitality Store" section.. 



Take reward!

List of rewards for quest "Help Bathis":

  • Armor t1003 ul i00 0.jpg Oath Armor No Grade
  • image.php?di=VULE.jpg Traveler Certificate №4


Complete Quest

List of rewards for quest chain for beginners:

  • image.php?di=KBIV.png Iron Bracelet
  • image.php?di=X0FG.png Talisman of Traveler
  • image.php?di=BAW6.png Scroll: Enchant Traveler's Talisman (3)
  • Файл:Etc spell books red i00 0.jpg Travel Guide Bathis's (15+ level)

Complete Quest Chain

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