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Server restart L2R #3 New - May 23, 2020 / Olympiad Reward, Easy game start, MORE Information!

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Dear players!

Technical restart of the server L2R NEW will occur on 05/23/2020 at 08:00 (GMT+3).
The game world will be unavailable for 5 to 10 minutes.

MERGING OF SERVERS. The servers will be merged after a certain time has elapsed and the latest updates have been introduced to our server, which I will briefly list in the following list:

  • Hellbound island with a chain of quests for obtaining an improvement S-Grade equipment for classes, extraction of the attribute "150+" and a Daily Raid Boss;
  • Olympiad awards for winners who took 1-10 places;
  • Actualization of the chain quests for beginners on server and an easy start to the game;
  • Mystical craft (yes, do not be surprised);
  • Instance with twins "Incident in Stakato Nest" for getting unique skills with entry in location Stakato Nest;
  • Instance "Zaken" for groups;
  • Instance "Incredible Dream";
  • Daily afternoon event "Outpost Protection".
  • According to preliminary forecasts, server merging can be expected in August 2020.

Useful dates:

  • Facilitated interactive start for newbies - will be launched within 1-2 days, announcement will be created in the separate forum topic.;
  • Hellbound island - will be launched next week, where will be available a quest chain to obtain improvements S-Grade sets and attribute crystals mining.


  • 2 level Chain Skill for Temple Knight has been corrected (level of skill learning is now 64);
  • Heroes will now receive the new skill Hero Berserker, which can use only characters level 80;
  • The hero’s weapon will now have an attack similar to an S-Grade weapon enchanted by +5;
  • Changed the effect of all heroes weapons on a similar, relevant SA weapon of S-Grade;
  • Heroes receive a weapon without an attribute, but can exchange it for a weapon with the necessary attribute (150), the exchange is made at the Monument of Heroes;
  • All characters who took from 1 to 10 places at the Great Olympiad receive a bonus at the end of the Olympiad:

 1st place



HP/MP/CP +20%
P. and M. Defense +10%
Mana cost -10%
Weight limit +100 000

2nd place



HP/MP/CP +14%
P. and M. Defense +7%
Mana cost -7%
Weight limit +70 000

3rd place



HP/MP/CP +10%
P. and M. Defense +5%
Mana cost -5%
Weight limit +50 000

4-10 place



HP/MP/CP +6%
P. and M. Defense +3%
Mana cost -3%
MEN +1
Weight limit +30 000


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