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Just another player looking for Clan

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Hi Guys,


Started on L2 Remastered No3 server couple of days back. Playing mainly for Spoil so far only lvl.32 (and buffer) as secondary I got smith and buffer.

I speak in Czech and English. Thats my range of search, I believe there is many good Russian clans out there, but I cant chat with them through language barrier.

Activity: Now daily - at least 3 or 4 hours.

My main reason is find some friends, and makes some parties on exp. etc.

In history I was in L2 about 2 years. But thats almost ten years ago.

I am not looking for CRAZY PRO CLAN with TONS of requirements like....daily acitivity no matter what, must be on ALL actions, still online 24/7 etc. :)

I play for fun , and this game is here to serve me, I am not here to serve a game!


If some big clan is willing to accept my low level, ok I like to go in, and I will play, bcs. I like this game and making friends...going on bosses etc.

But compare to my skills and progress, I think some Mid range clan suits me well, bcs. there can be some players with similar levels.

Also clan should have at least around 30 people. (Or less but with some activity)

Dont wanna join in dead or half dead ally.


Thanks 4 any offers. (if there will be any :D )

With Regards, Cortez.


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Hello @CORTEZ :)

If you're interested, I am starting a new international, english speaking clan called "HELLFIRE".

Let's have a talk ingame. :) You can pm me in the evening with "Hellfire. I'll try to get in contact with you, too. Your ingame name is also "Cortez?

Best wishes


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jsme CZ/SK clan prevazne casual hraci co hraji pro radost ;) mame i Discord samozrejme dobrovolny.

Jestli mas zajem tak napis sem na forum na Darkynator nebo i ve hre na Darkynator/Darkynek/Rellic

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