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Valhalla's Got Talent! 

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Valhalla's Got Talent! 


Forum olders, do you remember those glorious times when we wrote server chronicle for you?
I’ll refresh memory of olders and show what we will do for newbies (note that all chronicle were made on old version of forum, so design in them is lame):

Vacancies - 5. Follow the topic, candidates can leave their places, and vacancies can be opened :)

Description: I am gather team of server observers (political situation, situation of mid players, solo players, Olympiad, economycal and all main components of game that require public attention). Writing text and articles is not required of you, but you will need to clearly articulate your opinion about each component of the game and pass it on to me. You need to be aware of all game events, in know how server lives. Each candidate will have to fill out questionnaire, then undergo a personal voice interview. How we will work, what your direct participation in this will be, you will learn only at voice interview. I will try to harness your strengths and develop your creativity in you, who knows, maybe this work will give you impetus for something more and we will help each other develop.

Reward: In-game values available for donation or forum units. Quantity and award itself depend on work you have done and will be negotiated with each candidate personally.
Also your reward will be mention in all chronicle, which means your name will be immortalized in our open spaces.

Requirements for candidate:

  • Powerful PC, large monitor; 
  • Competent, understandable, adequate speech, ability to formulate your thoughts in complex sentences; 
  • Serious approach;
  • Ability to look at situation objectively, discarding emotions;
  • Knowledge of fundamental game, experience 5+ years. In order to get into the team, you do not have to be in the big war clan, to be Russian-speaking player or some famous person.
  • Ability to devote time to collecting server statistics, information and rumors, in addition to the main concerns in game (I will try not to take a lot of your time)
  • Advantage will be an active playing position and attending all public events.

Profile. Direct to PM @Frigg on forum: 

  • Skype
  • Setup of your PC (graphics card, processor, RAM, monitor extension)
  • Screenshot of any beautiful place in Lineage II that you made on OLD server at maximum settings of game (creative approach is welcome)
  • Mini-story, why we should take you to our team (3-5 sentences)
  • How much time are you willing to devote to work?
  • Your prime time (with time zone)
  • Name of clan in which you will play / name of  party in which you will play / solo player
  • Nickname
  • How many years have you been playing Lineage II? List servers you played on.
  • How much do you plan to stay on our project?
  • Do you plan to attend mass events? Write which.
  • Write your strengths in game (economical, olympiad, PVP, CL, PL, etc.). Tell us why you think that this particular moment is your strength.
  • What chronicle have you read? What is especially memorable in them? Tell your opinion how often these topics should be published and specify why you think so.

After you left your profile in my PM, I will familiarize myself with it, and if I consider that you are suitable for me, I will add it to Skype and we will discuss the date and time of voice interview. After conducting voice interview, an answer will be given within 24 hours whether you are suitable for us or not. Note that if I did not add you to skype, then your profile did not fit. Below I will leave the names of candidates approved for position.

Approved candidates:

1 - (soon...)
2 - (soon...)
3 - (soon...)
4 - (soon...)
5 - (soon...)

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