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Update L2R: December 2019, part 1


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Change language: rus.png

New server will be open - March 20, 2020!

Dear players!

Due to large amount of work on planned updates, we will divide it into several parts. In this topic, I will list what will be included in the first part of update.

Update will installed on server:

  • L2R New, 1 part update - December 15
  • Opening Hellbound location for L2R New server - December 15
  • L2R Old, 1 part update - [server will be merged]
  • Merge L2R New and L2R Old Servers - December 23
  • Start of New Year's Event on both servers - [event will be launched]

Information will be supplemented.

 What will happen in the following parts of update:

  • The final update of the game interface;
  • Introduction of "Magic Lamp" system - for extraction of useful objects, vitality coins;
  • Introduction of "Mystic Craft" system - for extraction of unique items and consumables;
  • The introduction of daily dungeons in which you can gain experience and useful consumables for 10 minutes fight with the waves of monsters, saving peaceful characters;
  • Changing the motivating system to join clans and introducing new clan content;
  • Interface update for 9 hour bosses (notification timer and information window);

Still in development or at the stage of writing technical specifications:

  • A big update of the Olympiad system (content delimitation for players playing without groups, in groups and large organized structures, as well as rewards and rewards for daily tasks);
  • Changes in skills correcting errors of the last update;
  • Updating classes
  • Return of the Primeval Isle location to the view of Gracia Final chronicles and activation system for location on the 2 server head;
  • Alternative events (analogues of 9 time bosses and collecting fragments of legendary jewelry) for players from time zones distant from Moscow;
  • Rar Sets Processing;
  • Processing of all fake jewelry for 3 server chapters: 3 ranks of jewelry (B, A and S for each server head) will be available. Rank improvements will be available for the Shards of Legendary Jewelry.
  • Processing of all weapons of Heroes for 3 server chapters;
  • Recycling the skills of Heroes for 3 server chapters;
  • Processing of all epic jewelry under 3 server chapters, including Olympic;
  • Global guide system for beginners of the server (to increase the efficiency of attracting new players and improve the gameplay);
  • Recycling the clan points mining system;
  • Another thing I forgot to list ...

Comment on the fight against automation of the gameplay: we will improve the system of software control with the software used to gain an advantage in PVP, we also added options for GMs:

  • Joining to group through a GM command (for manual tracking and additional collection of information on software removal);
  • Joining to clan through a GM command (for an inventory check as part of an additional collection of information to identify software);

These two points will help us more effectively deal with the automation of gameplay. I’ll also add that the new terms of the user agreement, which we planned to introduce in early December, will definitely take effect next year. At the moment, they require a more detailed study.

1st part update

Partial interface update

Updated interface textures:


Now the count and enchant of items are displayed in the inventory:


Added Russian game map, when choosing Russian language in Options:


Character status bar updated:


Also, window of the selected target, window of the pet and sumon, panel of skills have been updated.

Updated group window:


Radar Updated:


A new menu has been added, which will be used in the next part of update:


  • 1 button - new Vitality Points Scale;
  • 2 button - magic lamp scale;
  • 3 button - display of used attribute of attack;
  • 4 button - Mystic Craft Scale;
  • 5 button - when clicked, it opens a window with available time zones;
  • 6 button - window of current status of zones selected by the Astrologer.

Hide new menu is available:


New menu:

  • Vitality - In one of parts of updates, Vitality system will be redesigned. All monsters in game will be added to drop 58d54df00d.jpg Vitality Coins for which you can buy Vitality Vitamins and other useful goods for leveling. In this part of update, Vitality system has not been changed.
  • Magic lamp - Accumulate points of magic lamp by killing any monsters. When filling scale 5facdf7aac.jpg you get 1 magic lamp. When you open lamp, you can get random useful goods, including Vitality Coins. In the first part of update, Magic Lamps are disabled.
  • Active attribute display - scale 93497d9f31.jpg will display the indicators of your active attribute (Attribute in weapons + Attribute effect from sphere)
  • Mystical craft - Now killing monsters you will receive mystical craft points, when filling the scale to 100% you get 1 coupon that you can spend on updating list of mystical craft. In part 1 of update, system is not active. A detailed description will be available in the next part of update. Using mystic craft, you can create unique items, consumables, and other useful items.
  • Zones selected by Astrologers - window that shows remaining time until next zone changes, as well as the scale of daily tasks from the Astrologer.F6iRQ.gif System will be introduced in 1 part of update, description is available below.

Elemental Sphere Improvement

NPC Hunk now has updated interface window and offers you more convenient way to improve your sphere, since only options of spheres available for your character will be displayed in improvement window, navigation in list of improvements has become more convenient.


Now the improvement of spheres from level 0 to 11 will have name - charging of the spheres.

After you have charged the sphere you need to level 11 by extracting Fragments of Elemental Energy, you will have the opportunity to improve the sphere: for this you need scrolls to modify spheres.

Fragments of Elemental Energy are exchanged by Hunk for scrolls of modification spheres of 10 fragments for 8 scrolls:


Unsuccessful enchant does not destroy sphere, but resets enchant points.

Each enchant of sphere will add +5 attack points to you by attribute:


Now Hunk has opportunity to change Element of your sphere, while sphere will lose 2 levels:


Added talismans that Hunk can create for you for Fragments of Elemental Energy and B-grade Gems:


There are 6 types of talismans;

  • Talisman: Fire
  • Talisman: Water
  • Talisman: Wind
  • Talisman: Earth
  • Talisman: Holiness
  • Talisman: Dark

Talismans give character 60 points of protection from elements to which talismans belong. If a character has 2 or more of the same talismans - the effect will only work on one.

Each talisman can be enchanted with help of scrolls of talisman modifications, which can be purchased from Hunk for Fragments of Elemental Energy. 5 fragments for 8 scrolls of modification:


Bad enchant does not destroy talisman, but resets enchanting points.

Each enchant of talisman will give you +12 additional points of protection from elements to which talisman belongs.

Talisman give bonus only if they are equipped in special talismans slots:


To be able to equip talismans, you will need Elemental Orb of any level and from 1 to 3 Paylaka belt.

af9f0429ba.jpg Pailaka Belt is quest item that can be obtained through the Pailaka Dungeon. There are 3 dungeons in total, which can now be completed at any level without restrictions.

  • For completing 1 Pailaka - reward: Pailaka's Belt "Song of Ice and Fire"
  • For completing 2 Paylaka - reward: Paylaka's Devil Legacy Belt
  • For completing 3 Paylaka - reward: Paylaka Belt "Wounded Dragon"

Each paylaka belt activates 2 talisman slots.

For characters who went through Pailaka dungeons before the update was introduced, purchase of belts for Aden is available:


Astrologers of the world

Now, during the 3rd chapter of server, astrologers will daily at 20:00 (Moscow time) choose new zone in which increased mining of elemental stones will operate.

Astrologer can be found in Goddard:


Astrologer will offer you to get know with system, offer to teleport to beginning of currently selected zone and play game "Guess zone."

Every day from 19:00 to 19:30 you can choose 1 of 6 zones. If you guess zone that Astrologers will choose today - you can get reward:

  • 1 reward: "Blessing of the Gods" - increases chance of appearance of Best Energy in zone chosen by astrologers, increases experience gained and SP + 3%.
  •  2 reward: 10 Chests of Astrologer.


When you open Chest of Astrologer, you can get:

  • Security Flap
  • Dusty stone
  • Elemental Stone Shard
  • Raw Elemental Stone
  • Elemental Stone

Active Zone Information

In 6 locations, Astrologers installed Obelisks:


Location list:

  • Forge of the Gods
  • Monastery of Silence
  • Primeval Isle
  • Ketra & Varka (considered as one zone)
  • Pagan Temple
  • Imperial Tomb

When astrologer selects location in its zone, Obelisk is activated, which means that in area next to Obelisk, increased drop and experience points are available. Next to each obelisk there are 2 zones:

  • Zone 1 - increased drop, drop of adena and experience + 10%
  • Zone 2 - increased drop, drop of adena and experience + 30%

In areas near Obelisk, there is chance that after killing of each monster there will be Energy Ray:


You can collect Dust Stones using a collection tool that you can buy from an Astrologer for 500,000 Adena. You can clean the dust stone from dust by double-clicking on it in your own inventory. If the stone is not damaged, you will receive a Shard of Elemental Stone.

Astrologer's Special Daily Mission

2 times day, you can perform task of astrologer. Killing monsters in active zone chosen by Astrologer you will receive Damaged Shards of Elemental Stones. Their number will be displayed in new interface:


After you receive 600 stones, a 12 hour stamp will be applied to you, which will no longer allow you to mine Damaged stones within 12 hours.

600 damaged stones Astrologer will exchange you for Elemental and Casket Stones of Astrologer:


Blessing of Astrologers

Every hour in chosen location by Astrologers, Activated Obelisk will transmit blessing of astrologers to all characters who will be next to it.

In 10 minutes, Astrologer announces in global chat that blessing will happen next to Obelisk.

Timer will be displayed in interface, which will show remaining time until blessing:


By clicking on the button in the timer, you will open a window in which the current selected location by astrologers and the "Find Obelisk" button are indicated. When you click on the "Find Obelisk" button, a guide arrow will appear above the character indicating the location of the obelisk, and a map will be opened and a mark will be placed on the obelisk:


All characters who will be at time of blessing will receive a positive effect:

  • Replenishment of Vitality points by 300 (2nd level of vitality);
  • Freeze Vitality Points for 15 minutes.

Elemental Stone Shard Exchange

Now the NPC Yin, which you can find in any city, can exchange your Shards of Elemental Stones for fragments belonging to other elements to you:


To exchange fragments, you will need Security Flaps, which can be obtained from Astrologer.

Cloak sharpening

Now in all cities, you can find the NPC Harold, who can sell you cloaks modification scrolls:


Bonuses from enchanted cloaks are now displayed more clearly:


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