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Opening second chapters - L2R New server!

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Crowd hurries to opening of 2 chapter!

2 chapter of L2R New server


Chapter 2 L2R New server will open:

September 11 at 18:00 GMT+3.

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What will be new in chapter 2?


Below I will list, what will be introduced from the launch of 2 chapters and will be added gradually after it.

Basic changes:

  • The maximum available level for the character is 75;
    The maximum available level for a pet is 75;

Changes to Daily Bosses:

  • In the world will appear daily "bosses" level 65;
  • Drop distribution from "daily bosses" changed. Now the character and the group that delivered the last blow to the boss get the loot (the distribution of loot in the group is random);
  • Now loot is distributed directly to the inventory in the form of chests, instead of falling to the floor.

Change Olympiad and Heroes:

  • Hero skills can only be used by characters of level 75;
  • Weapons of heroes will be equivalent to weapons of A-grade;
  • Permanent Olympiad jewelry now has grade A;
  • Temporary Olympiad jewelry now has grade A.

Changes in the game store:

  • Added Cloaks PvE & Regeneration;
  • Added Cloaks Legendary;
  • Added upgrading cloaks to the highest rank, if you already have a raincoat - you can upgrade it to Legendary or PvE & Regen;
  • Vitality elixirs were added for level 1-60 characters, a bug was removed using elixirs through subclasses;
  • Added temporary equipment D-Grade in starter kits.

Legendary boss changes:

  • Boss Core, Orfen, Queen Ant, Zaken and all their guards and minions now have level 70;

Other changes:

  • Noble quest is not available until the 3rd chapter of the server.

What do we plan to introduce within 2 chapters?


There are planned changes that will be introduced during Chapter 2 of the L2R server:

  • Introduction of the event for players from Vladivostok, China, etc .;
  • The skill "Chain" for tanks, which will allow them to attract targets to themselves;
  • We plan to add more visual items for the character;
  • We plan to add more visual items for the pets;
  • The next stage of upgrading the spheres of the elements and protection from the elements;
  • Updating the interface as detailed as possible describing PVP, PVE content on the server;
  • Skills for clans that will motivate single players to join clans to gain advantages (pumped skills, skills that can be obtained by winning the fort);
  • Loot boxes to motivate single players to team up for raids;
  • We plan to complete the design and technical part of the full knowledge base on the L2R game, which will be available here: https://valhalla-age.ru/wiki;
  • Other changes that we will be reporting later.

Here's what's happening on Old L2R server at the moment:




The new server will be merged with the old server until the end of 2019.
IT IS IMPORTANT! Think about it!

What happened on one of the first 9 hourly bosses of level 30:





At the same moment on bosses of level 45:



Later, the organized clans of our server began to master the top 9 watch bosses in Dragon Valley level 55:



The first cycle of the Olympiad has passed, after which we are convinced that certain changes are necessary in it, which I will also describe below.


What will happen to the server economy?

At the moment, we have introduced an additional withdrawal of Adena into the game process and regularly evaluate its amount within the economy. I want to share positive results compared to the previous server.

Unit game prices on the market at the moment are at least two times lower than on the L2R Old server, which was launched on March 1, 2019.

We are also going to introduce additional events and systems that will stimulate the withdrawal of Adena from the world.


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