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Complete any stage - get a reward!

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The main prize for all stages - a set for power exping: 

MhPOVHP1TUFC7hqNig5mTqCaVJH7VM0-o0ntn7jf Vitality Replenishing Beverage x2 + Kjbx6z2SRki4lIZV0dQlhL944Q_xjtk_MUJBMjR5 Vitality Maintaining Potion x1 +  afVPxr9ezqF9QPGaJ7ThGGnRhwamHvX0V494BNIP Vitality Replenishing Potion x1

* Vitality potions can be obtained only for promotions and events. The description of the Vitality system is below.

Complete any stage - get a reward!


*To go to any stage, click on the picture.

TsfWHGxzC5oyi-MrOHRqSToUC0MlMwFV96I7AcBwItem_8186.jpgblcHGChsvBo_6axE7Tb35SJbx_H98ho0pqfeTIpSXmas present i00 0.jpg9c0Tbomi3hGdB5QF1cFejF23zNWo8K1m7K5PSt9VItem_8185.jpgO7xrJDru_Y2l05NwZx8KYlvF_q27yhm8A1VDxUNoItem_8184.jpgdwzgJ4llQcmqwHdH_6426Bvn2deCSaYhu9yz5_PiwLXtf4g-kv12cFBTcr1eiyQFL_xoSi48f5ivnOFsimage.php?di=N4EU.jpgimage.php?di=JQYW.jpg

*Possible reward for performing any of the stages

Reward for performing any of the stages! List of stages:

After performing all the steps you can take the main prize. For this you need to place an application in the form:


Send your requests to Frigg in private messages on the forum.

I have completed all the stages and ask to give the main prize!

  • Stage 1 - (link to post on the forum)
  • Stage 2 - (Link to your profile on VK or Facebook)
  • Stage 3 - (your contact in Skype)
  • Stage 4 - (your contact information Telegram)
  • Stage 5 - (your phone number)
  • Stage 6 - (nickname in our Discord channel)
  • Stage 7 - (link to your Instagram profile)

Please note that the reward is issued after checking that all stages are completed.



  • Receiving the main prize is possible if all stages are complete.
  • Checking the performance of all tasks and the issuance of the rewards is made within 48 hours.
  • The administration has the right to change/supplement these rules.

List of all possible rewards:


For performing the steps you get Valhalla Red Sock, which can be exchanged with a special NPC near the gatekeeper in major cities. Shop list for Valhalla Red Sock:

  • O7xrJDru_Y2l05NwZx8KYlvF_q27yhm8A1VDxUNo Rune of Exp & SP (+30%) 5 hours = Xmas present i00 0.jpg 1 Valhalla Red Sock
  • blcHGChsvBo_6axE7Tb35SJbx_H98ho0pqfeTIpS Rune of Drop chance (+30%) 5 hours = Xmas present i00 0.jpg 1 Valhalla Red Sock
  • 9c0Tbomi3hGdB5QF1cFejF23zNWo8K1m7K5PSt9V Rune of Spoil chance (+30%) 5 hours = Xmas present i00 0.jpg 1 Valhalla Red Sock
  • TsfWHGxzC5oyi-MrOHRqSToUC0MlMwFV96I7AcBw Rune of Adena & SealStone (+30%) 5 hours = Xmas present i00 0.jpg 1 Valhalla Red Sock
  • image.php?di=N4EU.jpg Club Card (3 days) = Xmas present i00 0.jpg 4 Valhalla Red Sock
  • dwzgJ4llQcmqwHdH_6426Bvn2deCSaYhu9yz5_Pi Gran Kain’s Gift Box** 3 days = Xmas present i00 0.jpg 5 Valhalla Red Sock
  • wLXtf4g-kv12cFBTcr1eiyQFL_xoSi48f5ivnOFs Active Skill: Благодарность Одина* 3 days = Xmas present i00 0.jpg 5 Valhalla Red Sock

* Odin's gratitude is an active skill can be used 1time per 12 hours, which randomly sums up consumables/runes and other boosts.

** Gran Kain's Gift Box - you can use it every 24 hours, it will accumulate consumables and boosts in a random way.


What is Vitality?


The Vitality system is designed to facilitate the leveling of your character.

Vitality points accumulating while your character is not in the game, in the peace zone and while hunting for raid bosses. When you accumulate a certain amount of Vitality points, your Vitality level rises.

Also, Vitality can be restored with items (which can be obtained only for promotions):

  • MhPOVHP1TUFC7hqNig5mTqCaVJH7VM0-o0ntn7jf Vitality Replenishing Beverage x2 (restores 100% of energy)
  • Kjbx6z2SRki4lIZV0dQlhL944Q_xjtk_MUJBMjR5 Vitality Maintaining Potion x1 (Magic potion that keep energy level)
  • afVPxr9ezqF9QPGaJ7ThGGnRhwamHvX0V494BNIP Vitality Replenishing Potion x1 (Magic potion that increases the amount of energy)

When you hunt monsters, your Vitality points are spent.





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