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  1. Indeed cutting off b-grade chapter makes no sense. If need to be 3 chapters only, this one might be suitable, but i'd still make 4 chapters with a 60ish in between. Its cool because u have B grade chapter, then you go to A grade (like 66) with hard time farming top A and then you run to 75 where you can make easily top A and already start farming S-grade. Then later ones doesnt matter much, its already end game.
  2. Another thing i'd add up is the b-grade chapter. We are going straight to a-grade on server First chapter. So no point on farming b set... I suggest first chapter until 56 or 60 and 2nd chapter until 66. This makes fight for spots dynamic each chapter (First for Boss/Farm b grade and later on for a grade).
  3. I have read all the Russian section and i'd like to put few things which i consider my biggest fear about new features, the rest seems good considering all the improvements from past servers: 1) Cyclic macros have a VERY BAD reputation (eventhough they dont help leveling as people think). But the worse part of it is that it make worse to spot a bot and make people interact less. Also afk in laba/kama will be higher (put cyclic to hit and alt tab, this will make a shit game/party experience, people complaining about afk and dumb acting). So whats the point of adding it?
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