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  1. propably bcouse some chances ale lowered OR biggest donators have automatic higher chances
  2. WHAT????!!! u wont tell me if its 10% or 90%???? WTF is wrong with you
  3. what are enchant % rates for weapon armor? 60% 66%?
  4. but u know they added +15% cast speed and 30% mental resist for tallum right? so foundations are retail?
  5. Hi. What about tallum light foundation items? They also ADD +cast. speed and + mental defence?
  6. so the description is wrong? will the shield work if the set isnt foundation? https://i.postimg.cc/HjS9M0xq/zubei.jpg
  7. i have foundation zubei shield that 'increases m.def'. its not a part of zubei heavy set - zubei heavy have 5 items in set. It works only with whole set foundation? as i remember it should increase m.def no matter of set, but it dont. when i equip it it doesnt change m.def
  8. 10% on sale and 10% on buy? and who will get that adena? GM's?:D 10% bigger prices and 10% less income just to get PREMIUM ACCOUNT and CLUB CARD for shouts bcouse u prefer to shout WTS WTB than sit on market. good server becoming even bigger cash grab. just to make ppl play more and stay online longer
  9. SO u tell me i just purchased 2x starter chest with shadow NG weapons spending 100 COL and now the day after start COL ingame price is 40k so u tell me i could have 4kk instead of useless items?XD like 2x top D weapon?XD SO WORTH DONATING FOR ANYTHING
  10. How long have you been playing on our project? like 2 weeks on GVE What was your most vivid memory on our server? lots of unique features How did you know about Valhalla-Age first time? propably l2oops.com Write the name of your Const Party / clan / nickname in the game. If you are a solo player, then specify only a nickname. Robak In what rewards are you interested in, as a player, for similar promotions (within reason)? free premium day
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