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  1. The Role; This is a full time CP position as one of our core 7 members, the open spot is flexible and we would be willing to take on a variety of classes if you fit the other criteria. We are looking for Mage, Archer, Tank, Dagger or even possibly a Healer. Please note the character will not be provided, so this is ideally suited to someone who currently plays on the server and wants access to high level PvP, you will have a reasonable level of equipment already, however the CP will help gearing you up and progressing your character. We will accept all applications, regardless of
  2. Interesting topic - and hard to read everything with chrome translate, but I believe I understood about 90% of it. Even though I am currently on the 'winning' side and this mechanic of hitting unflagged wars is a large benefit to us since we have both a strong glad party & a strong mage party, I think the mechanic should be looked at by admistration and it's not good for the health of the game. I won't bring politics into this - simply my view as an experienced player and leader. Winning or losing, is it fun to kill an entire clan before they can teleport in? It's not good for
  3. Give my CP 3 Sorc/SPS mages to use and we will 7v7 a group of your choice.
  4. To give you an idea of the strength of mages, my full limit pack is even considering reroll to mage. It's the king of mass pvp, next to gladiator, and the best for 7v7.
  5. Nope, the stats are the same. you will figure it out. It was exactly the same on NEW.
  6. Top pack on NEW was Mage pack, second top was also mage pack. Our top mages on UNT just haven't learned how to beat melee/limits yet. They will soon.
  7. Where is the fourth option? "Hey it's not perfect - but it's okay and will get better" don't try and create a fake drama by making a stuнигер poll. Give it time.
  8. Maybe if you weren't a monkey, you would've had me. We came to Antharas and we helped you for 1 day - I came into your teamspeak and I was ready to join the clan to fight against T-Side and all you did was shout in Russian and failed to speak to me or even try and make me an offer. You just assume I'll join you because you won 1 antharas and we helped you? No. You failed to recruit me. YOU failed. In contrast, T-Side invited me to talk and invited me into their teamspeak and they treated me with respect, they asked about my goals, my plans, how they could help me and how I would fi
  9. Hahah, informant? We just speak in PM's because we're friends - I didn't go and run to speedo with information. We don't need an informant or spy to fuck you. Maybe get some hands and then complain.
  10. ??? look at your party. You come with titan and tyrant on full limit too. We still fuck you 7/1 - so what is you next excuse?
  11. 5 or 6 tags? We joined Aristocrats on NEW, and stayed until clan died. Then we joined Blackrock and stayed until clan died, and now we joined T Side. Where are the other tags?
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