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  1. 1. Why TANK/CRAFTER pets take 15% exp., not like summoners 0%? Anyway its even then much harder to exp., so its nice idea. 2. Why DA Seed of revenge is not on 56lvl like all other PAL/SK/TK similar skill is on 56? 3. For 15 years l2 Ive never imagined that i can see more sh*t p atk. like tanks/crafters pets. Is there any chance that they can be even a bit increased? 4. Why dont you make all pets lifespan few times longer with Spirit Ore not Crystals required? Spasibo
  2. At what level "Seed of Revenge" and lvl1. Insane Crusher on Dark avenger will be learned? Same as other tanks 56lvl? Also pets of tanks will take 0% exp just like the summoner pets, or retail?
  3. WTS EVA SAINT 80 (70%) - NOBLESSE - SUB NECRO 75 - LEGENDARY CLOAK+5 - FAKE EPICS S-grade - KOKABURA 73, Club Card - 23/11/2020 - MANY RUNES, BLACELET+5, OLF+4 - SKILLS: CLARITY+10, ROBE MASTERY+14 etc, Divine Inspiration lvl 4. PM offer
  4. Obviosly they care more about the most donating ppl classes - archers, which they will never nerf. No point to continue this topic. Thanks for the "great explanation answer" anyway.
  5. I understand about nerfing tanks a - CD chain to 1min cd, Shield strike 50%power, even Aggro/Hate - 1-2sec BUT -1k p.atk on phoenix isnt it TOO MUCH? Even before nerfing you cant kill Orc mage or Summoner in oly if they play normally. Now what? Please fix the Summon Phoenix at least..... or make a poll..... Or at least explain me why so much -p.atk on summon? so much nerfing... I dont expect to get even an answer but tnx if you do so
  6. LAST THING THAT I DID WAS I SAT SELLING IN SHTUTGARD - GREEN 12 for 26kk and went offline (in luxury shop its about 40kk)
  7. Hello, my char is banned, COULD YOU GIVE ME 1 NORMAL REASON WHAT I DID WRONG? AFTER DONATING TO YOU AND PLAYING YOUR SERVER NON STOP ANY DAY? Never seen such a thing in l2 for 15 years ..... Sorry if its mistake...
  8. Hi bro, I want to buy the SWS, can you give me some info if there is PA/CLUB CARD ETC?

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      sorry bro, i found another sws 63 lvl for not much more, so i canceled it

  9. When do you plan to make the selling/buying chars seciton available again? Thanks
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