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  1. Nyxi


    they aren not tradable
  2. wtb these drac and mj sets +15/+13
  3. 6000=500 20.000=2,5k thats i can reply to it😂
  4. Nyxi


    is improving only armor of our s grade sets? or Q is repeatable ? and we can do for every single peace?
  5. i better tell me what is that mystic craft,what is he does?
  6. i think is comuny are trash...even randoms who still going to 75 asking"is server dead" like they ever was doing anything with ppl who quit,except may pked by them.....all vallhala can do is more dailies,instances,even some limited time farm zones,not really know how to stop this quitting maratone because someone i dont know quit.....oh Ops clan quit ,randoms call server dead....gf there is no brains in this thinking way...
  7. make sense,but ppl quit of 2 reasons 1- didnt own server,they didnt become strongest one and quit.2- prices in ah dropped down to the lvl''will not be enought for food if i quit tomorrow not today,simple players for money" more players quit of not be able farm in crowded places u mentioned up there,then of reason nobody is there..
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