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  1. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE BALANCE AFTER STARTING. +1 Making beta for at least 2 weeks would help with problem of balance.
  2. @Balance Mystic shield should be nerfed to 60% as it was always if i'm not mistaken, 90% feels like celestial on which you can hit ppl without any punishment. OL is also really tanky with tones of utilities and endless mana in current state, I would suggest at least blocking his celestial use on oly or any other change if needed.
  3. @Yoko Why did gladi lost his stun on sonic blaster? I don't see it in patch notes.
  4. @Yoko Quest for oly is bugged when you get 10 piecies and bring it back to npc it says that you need to collect 10 of them still
  5. How long have you been playing on our project? 1-2 years What was your most vivid memory on our server? Fights on baium How did you know about Valhalla-Age first time? From friend of mine Write the name of your Const Party / clan / nickname in the game. If you are a solo player, then specify only a nickname. EnemyFriendly/BlackRock/Fenia In what rewards are you interested in, as a player, for similar promotions (within reason)? Boosts/Runes
  6. Thanks, but I saw that info about pomanders. Still there are no compensate skills for this pomanders beside maybe chain heal as mentioned in topic that you linked. SE have much worse healing compared to EE and skill set due to missing vitalize which shouldn't be the case. Main point is that SE should have vitalize to boost his healing at the start of game.
  7. Isn't Shillien Elder supposed to have vitalize on him? SE is missing pomanders which is greatly decreasing his power as he was getting 4 of them. He should get vitalize and mass vitalize like ee at least due to ee getting gloom on him. @Radish @[email protected]
  8. 79 Moonlight Sentinel + Nobless Equipment [With EQ or naked] Majestic Leather Set Fundation + PvP Draco Bow +3 Focus 95 Water Epic Mount Stealth Fake Tezza (S - Grade) Fake Zaken (A - Grade) Fake Baium (S - Grade) Fake Antharas (S - Grade) Olf’s T-Shirt +5 Mithril Bracelet +6 Mithril Belt +2 Legendary cloak +5 Club card 23 days 79 WC Epic Mount Stealth Fake Orfen (B - Grade) Fake Zaken (B - Grade) Fake Baium (A - Grade) Fake Valakas (S - Grade) Fake
  9. @Frigg We figured it out, that if you have equal lvl of deflect arrow and real target , it treats them both as buff so if you put deflect arrow then real target dissapers and other way also. If deflect arrow has bigger lvl then you won't be able to put real target on that person. Hope it will help you a bit in checking.
  10. @Yoko When you are under deflect arrow, real target does not work. is it intended? Also whenever you get real target without deflect arrow and then you use it, you will clean yourself from real target.
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