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  1. hi english player looking for a clan to join, Blueriver
  2. you don't have any GM's that you could log on because you can see Primeval ferry doesn't deck in the middle port under the arch instead decks on the right where Gludin ferry decks
  3. yes but 40 plus skills where every skills a book to learn even basic attacking Skill like Hydro blast
  4. Spellbooks maybe to many skills need books and with the server being light. Have porblems ?
  5. Heloo all I when down for a look at Rune Harbor and the ferry from Gludin is bugs need fixing. The ferry from Primeval Isle decks at the wrong port when should deck in the middle and the one from Gludin should deck on the right port
  6. hia all A newly started EU clan looking for players As for clan leader lives in UK
  7. hi A spellsinger (Sps) from uk lf a clan to join
  8. hi all Think we could get a option to change the interface to L2 Interlude Interface style? If possible
  9. Sorry I through he taking about a non-grade weap and not having one at at the start of the game
  10. then How that fair on those you play a dwarf char and put time in the char? Its not
  11. but if you could Stop selling SS at Game shop because its takes away one of the key reasons for taking the time lvling up a dwarf
  12. some quests at lvl10-12 to give you a weap like my light elf. I got two weap from quests
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