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  1. Vitality 4th Remastered was very low tbh. Only from laba and offline. Hope that it will be like 3rd Remastered
  2. Same here. Even if disable all firewalls and re-install. Please fix
  3. same here, none of the above worked.
  4. Download Salvation Client and your problem will be solved.
  5. Delete the whole folder, then re-install Vallhala-Age client and try again.
  6. How long have you been playing on our project? 3 Months What was your most vivid memory on our server? Olympiad Fights - 150 matches at the same time How did you know about Valhalla-Age first time? From streamers in twich.tv Write the name of your Const Party / clan / nickname in the game. If you are a solo player, then specify only a nickname. MissElfou - solo player In what rewards are you interested in, as a player, for similar promotions (within reason)? Accesories, Runes, Kama/Laba extra passes
  7. yes but it will increase only when you are offline or do pailaka/laba.
  8. You need to download Salvation Client. Even after that you get disconect, delete system-systextures and valhalla folders and proceed to full check.
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