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  1. Auction / 750 cols MJ L SET (UNSEALED) 320 cols Carnage +3
  2. vash chara 70+ mozhna na nash praim 18-24 RU/LT
  3. Its possible to transfer col from game to control panel and withdraw for real money? Or you just can withdraw cols which sold in auction?
  4. You guys didnt finish your server till end and lounch it. H5 olympiad base, but you can take hero with 5 fights Castle siege - untill nobody takes castle, you cant kill anyone Criticals errors every single mass pvp Interface errors Admin support team which dont answering to questions, if answering - not correctly Frigg say - 15 fights minimum in oly, but they took hero with 10 and 6. gg wp
  5. zaken x2 or x3 have to be killed untill second ?
  6. Server - bugland https://prnt.sc/rt4fjq Phantom ranger hero with 10 matches. I asked few supports about: https://prnt.sc/rt4fyv https://prnt.sc/rt4g40
  7. How much times you have to fight olympiad to take a hero? 15 matches - minimum 1 win? @vanilla @Second
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