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  1. Nick name hatememore
  2. I can play with us.give me more info.im BD
  3. I dont see text at npc hank..i dont see nothing...and in inventory have black screen with fragment..i use updater 10x and nothing still not function npc i cant get talisman.maybe give me some link for patch or updater or i do t know what can help me.thx for help
  4. Pm here or in game nick HaTeMeMoRe .i can play 10-12 hours per day . Zone gmt +2.
  5. Messenger martinko.hruska from slovakia trencin. Background have dogs pitbulls in picture on facebook.pm me on mesenger fast
  6. I can play with u.ehat u need i can go se or bd active 12-15 hours per day.
  7. I can start for you se.im online 12 hours per day if u need i can more.i prefer bd/se.
  8. I can play with u.i can start BD or SE .my online is 12 hours per day
  9. Why sws ? Lol bd is to same xD
  10. If u interested pm me on facebook nick name Martinko.hruska or here.i can play 12 + hours per day. Start play at 18:00 gmt + 2 every day. Some times soon.if i working i playing in work xD i play at home too i playing nonstop. Baay;)
  11. Tak smw mohli ist 4 spolu vy ste 2 a ja mam este jedneho.kazdopadne idem aktiv bd a hram cca 12 hod denne je mi to jedno ak chcete sa ozvyte ale hned na zaciatku nie ked budem uz schopny farmiť sam potom mam pici
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