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  1. Are you a gm? Read what i wrote before , you foolish little boy.
  2. joen1992

    2nd chapter

    When will the second chapter start? So many ppl are at lvl 60, are as far as i know, ppl are starting to leave because the 2nd chapter has been DRAGGED out, just like last time. So get going, open up for further lvling..doesnt really matter if its at rate 0.1 for a while..just dont keep ppl waiting, any more. Been 16 days now..plenty of time for even the slowest of us to reach 50+ or higher
  3. Will the second chapter open soon ? Pretty sure me and my clannies arent the only ones getting bored. GMS - open up for futher lvling..or set the rates at 0.1% or so, so ppl can progress...dragging this out for another week or two, or more is just "shooting yourself in the foot"..ppl will start to leave if you do nothing. DONT spam here, i want ADMIN / GM response ONLY
  4. NSX is a scammer. Stealing col for exp scam. Beware
  5. Nsx Broomm Are scammers, dont trust their exp service. On the newly started server
  6. Hello Like alot of you have seen, l2 valhalla are sharing a corrupted file on their website. In short the file are damaged, and therefore corrupted. They havnt fixed the file. BUT It is possible to download a non-corrupted version via torrent: http://download.valhalla-age.ru/Lineage2Remastered_august2019.zip.torrent SPREAD this message to people who are struggling with a corrupted version
  7. IF repairing the files doesn't help. Then im going to try out, downloading it from utorrent: http://download.valhalla-age.ru/Lineage2Remastered_august2019.zip.torrent TO THE SUPPORT / GMS You should fix the file, or at least offer people the possibility to download it from utorrent. An option currently not available on the website.
  8. How about fixing the file. The problem is at your end, the file youre letting us download is damaged.
  9. Hello As my title says. I downloaded the game from the website, when i tried to extract is via (winrar / winzip), i kept getting the error command : Archive is corrupted It means that the file is damaged. I might be able to repair the file, or might not. WOULD you please look into it...and check your facebook messages too.
  10. joen1992

    BlackRock clan

    Hey ! Who can i pm ingame about recruitment? Nick ingame: lillelunter (overlord currently lvl 48)
  11. I mailed the leaders...nobody responded...seems like this clan doesnt exist anymore
  12. Ingame nick? pm me, im interrested in joinning (Lillelunte)
  13. A guy named GM# is trying to convince ppl that he is from the gm team. If you recieve any pm's / mails here on the forum from him. Delete them. Dont pm the email adress he tells you to pm. Have a nice day
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