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  1. Developers forbidden to disclose chances of sharpening.
  2. They can take one archetype for another (example - FS for EE, SH for EE), but EE and SE both healer archetype and they can't take subs.
  3. k1ngsta


    you need check this topic
  4. Try to use Ukraine proxy. I think thi is helped to you.
  5. Check this topic Conditions: The character must be level 66 and above, and also have a subclass of level 50 and above.
  6. wait for answer in ticket please
  7. You can't craft any rare brestplate or full armor. This is impossible on our server.
  8. k1ngsta

    about spoil

    Sended to developers Upd: agathion work correctly. My spoil from bounty hunter agathion can't sweep.
  9. This just default list, on our project you can't make rare armors.
  10. Sorry, but this corp. information. Soon we will fix this files, but now they will be as now.
  11. Sorry, but this is default mechanic from Lineage 2.
  12. Изменить язык: Server will be restarted on February 28 at 08:00 Moscow time. Server unavailable time: 5-10 mins. Wild Magic - No longer requires a book to learn. Dismounting from mounts is now instant cast. Reduced chance to drop Zaken's Earring from pirate dungeon 47-56 (at time of restart, there is no Zaken's earring on server) Reduced number of hp at bosses in dungeons of castle / fort. Added a small chance to drop upgrade stones. Dragon Valley and Antharas' Lair now belong to Hunter's Village. Added from Hunter Village to Antharas' Lair. Dev
  13. yes, but much peoples need club card for relax game.
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