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  1. Ошибки тут нет, все факты были предоставлены выше стоящему руководству. Как говорится "Конкурсы у вас интересные".
  2. Prophet have much changes. And dont be changed. Sorry.
  3. On our project TW badges is deleted.
  4. This is default quest. Alliance needed as default.
  5. Ok, I send your wish to developers. If they make something its will be announced.
  6. Default leveling is not work.
  7. Lineage 2 haven't official client for Mac, Unix, Linux etc. I think its dont be work on linux.
  8. I saw on streams - bluff work.
  9. Add in skype live:valhallateamskype and download teamviewer. We try to help you.
  10. This is default mechanic of skill ChoV/PoF/PoW. This dont be changed.
  11. Every 4 hours ppl can reg to siege fort.
  12. UPD(changes) Another server will be opened for tournament.(Will be available in server selection list on 11/01/2020 in the morning, follow the announcements) Tournament format: Double Elimination Start time 16:00 Group summon starts at 14:00 Tournament is open to people with characters on server 70 and above. Allowed Any armor and weapons +3, duals +4. Epic jewelry. Buff noblesse. Forbidden Talismans. Attribute. Buff elixirs. Blessed scrolls of resurrection.
  13. Sorry, but sieges dont be changed.
  14. Close all windows of game, run Doctor Salvation.exe, press A - two times and wait for finish of all processes.
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