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  1. Hide/Unhide cloak would be good feature even with normal armor :-)
  2. Ehm, so how is possible, that new heros were announced today?
  3. WTB Arcane Sigil / Reinforced Arcane Sigil PM in game: "ServantOfShilen Or PM here on forum Edit: Already bought. Can be deleted.
  4. WTB Arcane Sigil / Reinforced Arcane Sigil PM in game: "ServantOfShilen Or PM here on Forum Edit: Already bought. Can be deleted.
  5. Whats the price of WC?
  6. Ofc this works. But it`s not solution and every log in Initialize my interface. It`s little bit annoying as a summoner. It worked ok in the past. This problem occur max for 2 weeks.
  7. Hello, Will be there some changes in drop from RB in fortress with stage 3? RBs showing S - Grade drops but dropping just A - Grade. Thanks for the answer
  8. You can obtain KE from dungeon instance in fort. Here is the link for description: https://l2wiki.com/Monster_Dungeon Rewards and levels are different here. Just read walkthrough description.
  9. Hello, just wanna ask, if there is other option how to obtain Dual Sword Crafting Stamp or just from castle owners. I mean different way then buy it for Units in GM Shop
  10. WTB duals Kesh*Kesh / Damasc*Damasc PM me here or ingame "ServantOfShilen Or MAIL me ingame with payment request - ServantOfShilen I can buy swords separately too. Doesn't to be duals. EDIT: Already bought. Can be deleted.
  11. Im not arguing with you and saying that its not true. But if admin are doing it like u said nothing change. If they share this numbers after 13 days of stage 2 (where numbers are something less before or something more behinde 1/2 goal to reach stage3) will be stuнигер to say that after 15 days of stage 2 goals to reach stage 3 was finally done.
  12. So March 19, 2nd stage started. If i take that update status is 4 day old (March 31) Level 75 - 128 ppl (March 19 - 31, took 13 days) - 300 needed (take cca 30 days, April 17) A - Grade Weapons - 110 (March 19 - 31, took 13 days) - 150 needed (take cca 17 days, April 4) The Finest Ingredients part 1 - 67 ppl (March 19 - 31, took 13 days) - 150 needed (take cca 29 days, April 16) Baium / CS - DONE So minimum time for stage 3 is April 4 and maximum time we get is April 17. Ofc numbers wont be accurate just trying to short day in the work ( easy day today :-D ). I think we can expect stage 3 next week. Maybe after next CS?:-)
  13. There is update info right after main post in that topic from Yoko. We just need to know what date that info is. I already asked so i hope they answer.
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