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  1. Русская версия: У меня изначально были противоречивые чувства после прочтения этого поста о слиянии серверов. Первой моей мыслью было то, что опасения игроков НОВОГО сервера законны. Возможно, нам следует подождать несколько месяцев, может быть, должны быть ограничения на игроков Старого сервера. Когда я задумался об этом более глубоко, я понял, что почти ни одна из этих проблем на самом деле не имеет значения и не повлияет на работу нового объединенного сервера. Честно говоря, объединение серверов не очень важно для людей на НОВОМ сервере. Новых игроков на сервере тысячи, и они сохранят контроль над всеми вещами (Олимпийские игры, Замки, Эпосы). На старом сервере у вас может быть 30-40 игроков в клане TARUKI, около 2-3 из них играют на Олимпийских играх. Также около 5 игроков в клане NOVA, которые участвуют в Олимпийских играх. Игроки NOVA не русские и не могут участвовать в большинстве эпических набегов или осадах замка. Все TARUKI имеют хорошее оборудование и каждый EPIC, все, что им может понадобиться. У NOVA хорошее оборудование и отточенные навыки, но мало EPIC. Даже в совокупности этих игроков немного по сравнению с масштабом нового сервера. Тысячи против десятков. Единственное ограничение, которое я бы поддержал, заключается в том, что любые клановые залы, замки, форты и т. Д. Должны сохранять право собственности на НОВОМ сервере. Старый сервер должен быть объединен с НОВЫМ сервером, а не наоборот. Это честный компромисс на мой взгляд и логичный. Короче говоря, вам действительно не о чем беспокоиться. English Version: I thought about this for a bit before I replied. I originally had conflicting feelings after reading this post about the server merger. My first thought was that the concerns of the NEW server players are legitimate. Maybe we should wait a few months, maybe there should be restrictions on the Old server players. As I thought more deeply about it, I realized that almost none of those concerns actually matter, and will not influence the new combined server going forward. Honestly, the combination of servers is not very consequential for the people on the NEW server. The new server players are thousands and will retain control of all things (Olympics, Castles, Epics). On the old Server, you have maybe 30-40 players in the clan TARUKI with about 2-3 of them play in the Olympics. Also about 5 players in Nova clan who participate in the Olympics. Nova players are not Russian and cannot compete for most Epic raids or castle sieges. TARUKI all have good equipment and every epic jewel, everything they could need. Nova have good equipment and sharpened skills but zero epic jewels. Even combined, these players are few when compared to the scale of the new server. Thousands versus dozens. The only restriction I would support is, any clan halls, castles, forts, etc should retain ownership from the NEW server. The Old server should be merged into the NEW server, rather than the other way around. This is a fair compromise in my opinion and logical. In short, you really have very little to worry about. @api Thank you for the voice of reason. Спасибо за голос разума. @Frigg Thank you for the opportunity to post. Спасибо за возможность обсудить.
  2. Ok thank you Frigg, I will check back here later
  3. Can these items be made into Masterwork items? If it is possible to create, how do you unseal them and what are the bonuses? At the Blacksmith of Mammon, I only see the option to unseal the Combined Robe and Draconic Light, which cannot be made as masterwork.
  4. literally the worst thing L2 ever did other than free to play was add "daily" requirements. NO
  5. https://ibb.co/zX5zxVz We are both hard at work, waiting
  6. 1. Interlude L2NA Official - Hindemith, Phoenix, Sayha, Chronos, Naia, the entire time it was out, from Prelude through GOD (2004 - 2018). 2. High Five L2NA Official - Hindemith, Phoenix, Sayha, Chronos, Naia, the entire time it was out, from Prelude through GOD (2004 - 2018). 3. Still playing daily since Launch - 54 days in game time with Hero Titan. I probably have more useless L2 knowledge than any other breathing human 4. I play a few hours a day actively on the first server (3-5 avg/day).
  7. Agreed, who cares about those people, they are nothing. Just need more players :) Retail has survived for years with under 1000 players. I will stay and continue to support the server as well.
  8. That's how the game is supposed to be. Olympiad is a contest of organization, efficiency, and (least) player skill. It's not meant to be an arena match with even odds may the lowest ping/best player win. It's far more interesting this way, because strategy is king, not gear or mechanical skill. You just need someone running olympiad who has experience on a real server where Olympiad was hyper competitive for years
  9. I always thought it made Olympiad far more interesting when it overlapped with sieges at the end of the month. Shame to that change. Otherwise, bravo, I am very excited by Hellbound. Hunting Hellbound will be very difficult without counter-critical buff working properly. Something I have mentioned before. Please restore it to its former glory Please do not add daily quests, they were one of the worst things about retail L2. Makes the game feel like a job. Will "upgrading S grade equipment" be through the traditional hellbound quest? Tomes of Demon or whatever they were called? To make Dynasty armor. Thanks.
  10. "1)There is no such thing as ping disadvantage because of different proxies that the server provides and i never mentioned that there is ping/lag issue. If i had such thing it would be different and i wouldn't be talking about people that can shoot skills through walls. I can see the difference between a skill not seen because of delay/lag and the fact that there are gaps in oly that are used so people can hit someone freely." This literally makes no sense. I absolutely have a different ping than Russians. Why would you even say that? It's obvious and just physical distance. The proxies do not equalize ping, I'm not sure where you got that idea. It sounds like all of the assumptions I made were spot on; class, location, ping, etc. It's game mechanics about shooting around corners, and it is ping related. Play on L2 official with 10- ping and that does not happen. It has to do with the server's lag in communicating with your client. As the server sees it, you were not line of sighted, but by the time you see them hitting you you were; and so on. It is possible that the "mechanics" for physical skills and magic are different, which could result in different line of sight equations. That may be what you mean, in more precise terms.
  11. Is this possible to fix? Yoko informed me on Discord that SmartGuard currently blocks ping improvement programs and there is no work around. Playing from NA (and spending money from NA) could be considerably more attractive on this server if we could utilize programs like Battle Ping and WTFast to connect to improve our ping. Right now my ping allows me to pve and do some pvp but nothing super competitive like Olympiad, which is a shame.
  12. This sounds like a ping problem. Given that you are posting in English and this is a Russian server, I'm guessing you are at a ping disadvantage. Also ping helping programs like BattlePing and WTFast are blocked by SmartGuard, so GG there. You have to play a class that can handle ping disadvantage better - i.e. not a melee without a gap close; and something that has durability. You should have thought of this before you started. Play a mage or healer for best results.
  13. Fortresses cannot currently be signed, and nobody owns one right now. I try to sign for them with a level 5 clan and it says I have to have a level 4+ clan to sign, but it won't let me. Is this a bug or intentional? @Daeva Thanks in advance!
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