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  1. Hi, today after lunching a client I can`t do anything. Just my character appear and then game freezes. I even can`t log out or exit the game. Screenshot for better understanding what I see when i log in.
  2. In skill description it says that skill will regenerate 25 % health, so it renegerete nothing. Im WL so i dont thow its effect only my class or destroyers too. Please let me know if something is wrong or I don't get how it works.
  3. Roch

    WTB/WTT Tallum heavy

    Up Still looking
  4. For 2nd class transfer i need to kill about 1k mobs so You want to force players to kill that many mobs day by day for nothing? If you want to attract players to serwer you need to be more creative.
  5. Hi, I have a question to administration. When you planned to announce the winner of the latest contest? It's finished week ago and there is no sign of any information about results and rewards.
  6. Roch

    WTB/WTT Tallum heavy

    Hi, I want to buy Tallum heavy set. I have for trade Doom light +3/+4, enchants, gamestone S
  7. Roch

    WTS/WTT Doom light +3/4

    Hi, WTS Doom Light set +3/+4 WTT set + adena for Tallum heavy set.
  8. Hi everyone, During our long May weekend with my wife and kids we decided to go for a trip around our contry for couple days. Unfortenetly day before we planned start trip our children got ill so we needed to chanage paln. Despite of the situation, we decided to use time in a productive way. My mother offered that she can take care of our kids so that we could tidy our flat. But instead of doing what we planned, "copletely by accident", almost the entire time with we spent on exping our characters. Real responsible parents :D.
  9. So formal wear will be not available by doing a quest?
  10. Someone recorded the tournament? Some links, VODs?
  11. So maybe it`s good idea to add some annotation to belt description in GM shop, so that people be aware of the issue?
  12. What about weedings, is that feature available now or will be add?
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