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  1. You need to choose Eng lang as common for your pc.
  2. you should click and complete captcha
  3. You can see it left from expirience bar.
  4. Daeva


    You your updater to full check your client
  5. we are discussing on this matter in team, i will give you know if something will be changed.
  6. provide please screenshot of your ingame interface (if you using custom interface)
  7. Dear players! 3rd stage of the server L2Remastered will begin on Monday, April 15 at 20:00(GMT+3). The server will be restarted around 19:00(GMT+3) (The exact time of the server restart will be published on Monday.) Territorial wars will take place this Saturday, then Sieges at Sunday, and on Monday a new cycle of the Olympiad and 3rd stage of the server are waiting for the server. I personally really wanted to prepare my knowledge base in which all the features and lists of drops and spoils would be described in detail (I’ll insert one point here - drop bases and spoils only for content available in low-levels so that the content added later by us - players could learn on my own, but nevertheless with a brief guide). Knowledge base for Lineage 2 Remastered is necessary because the product is unique and popular, which means that work on the L2R will definitely continue. For now, it is necessary to submit information through the good old method - the forum. Our task is to make the L2R the best version of L2, as far as possible - Description of new content on Chapter 3 Maximum character level - 80 Maximum sub-class level - 80 Available to complete 3 class quest for the main class and sub-classes List of modified and previously inaccessible skills Attention! All of the following skills have been added to Lineage 2 Remastered. Skills from 76 to 80 you can learn from any available knowledge base High Five Chronicles. At the moment, the system of character skills has been completely taken from the chronicles of the High Five.. Human Fighter Human Mystic Elven Fighter Elven Mystic Dark Elf Fighter Dark Elf Mystic Orc Fighter Orc Mystic Dwarves Passive skills for all classes Fighter's Will - When using melee weapons, increases P. Atk. at 100 and Atk.Spd. by 10% During the attack, the power of physical skills and the chance of a critical hit are increasing. Magician's Will - Increases M. Atk. 5% and Cast.Spd. by 5% chance to Magical Critical Hit +5%. Decreases MP Consumption by 5%. Archer's Will - When a bow or crossbow is used, Accuracy increases by 8 and the Attack Range increases by 50. During an attack, the power of physical skills and the chance of a critical hit are increasing. How to learn passive skills? To learn a passive skill, you must use one of the following items: Forgotten Scroll - Fighter's Will Forgotten Scroll - Magician's Will Forgotten Scroll - Archer's Will How to get Forgotten Scrolls: Drop Queen Ant - 1 with chance 30% Zaken - 1 with chance 50% Frintezza - 2 with chance 100% Baium - 1 of every Scroll with chance 100% Antharas - 1 of every Scroll with chance 100% Valakas - 1 of every Scroll with chance 100% Purchase from Olympiad Manager for Mark of Battle A box with one of the scrolls, the type of scroll is random Element system In the Lineage 2 Remastered version, you can to upgrade weapons and armor using elemental stones. Improving the weapon you increase your damage with element attribute, and to protect against the elements you can use attribute stones in armor. Element stones cannot be inserted into jewelry. The amount of the elemental bonus is displayed in the item when viewing the parameters and description of the item: List of Element Stones: Fire Stone Water Stone Wind Stone Earth Stone Holy Stone Dark Stone How to obtain stones To create stones of elements it is necessary to obtain stones containing energy. Three stones of the same type are exchanged for elemental stone. The exchange of stones occurs at the NPC Yang in any town, you can find it near the Gatekeeper. Drop list and locations of stones containing energy Fire Energy Compression Stone - Forge of the Gods; Water Energy Compression Stone - Ketra Orc & Varka Silenos; Wind Energy Compression Stone - Primeval Isle; Earth Energy Compression Stone - Imperial Tomb; Holy Energy Compression Stone - Monastery of Silence; Dark Energy Compression Stone - Pagan's Temple. System of weapon and armor attributing Changes for Draconic Leather Armor and Major Arcana Robe The full bodies of the S-grade sets were divided into two parts. Now in all sets of S-grade there are 5 things. All existing Draconic and Major Arcana bodies on the server will be replaced into two parts - top and bottom; Varka and Ketra`s quests for S equipment were changed. Drop and spoil of S bodies keys were changed; Note: P.Def and drop/spoil chances were not changed Draconic Leather Armor Set - +1 Dex, +1 Str, -2 Con, +4% P. Atk, +4% P.Aspd, +289 MP, +5759 weight limit. Major Arcana Robe Set - +1 Wit, +1 Int, -2 Men, +8% M.Atk, +7 Speed, -50% chance of interrupting a spell when hit by an opponent, +5759 weight limit. Mining and improvement characters (Sigil Mastery) Symbols are items of equipment that magicians, shamans, summoners use to get additional bonuses. What characters are there? Arcana Sigil - no bonuses, bonus only from passive skills of characters; Reinforced Arcana Sigil - full protection of the shield, the speed of casting spells + 6% + bonus from passive skills of the characters. How to get Arcana Sigil? Recipes Quest in locations Varka & Ketra Ingredients Drop: No Spoil: Triol's Priest Wild Strider Ornithomimus Deinonychus Elroki Judge of Light Printout - Blacksmith of Mammon Improvement Arcana Sigil Arcana Sigil Upgrade to Reinforced Arcana Sigil is available in the game store. To get a fortified character you need: Arcana Sigil Sealed Imperial Crusader Shield Part 24 pieces. Leolin's Mold - 1 pieces. Mithrill Alloy - 36 pieces. Synthetic Cokes - 12 pieces. Crafted Leather - 12 pieces. Asofe - 12 pieces. Gemstone S - 2 pieces. Crystal S - 17 pieces. Skill-link & Holy Pomande Now, while completing quests for 3rd class change for classes Cardinal, Eva's Saint, Shillien Saint is given the opportunity to receive additional skills from another class of healer. You can learn skills through NPC (Priest, High priest, Magister). For learning one skill, you need one of Holy Pomander (Sacred Incense). This item can be obtained by completing the quest for 3rd class change. Holy Pomander - Cardinal Holy Pomander - Eva's Saint Holy Pomander - Shillien Saint By learning the skill you give away Holy Pomander and 10.000.000 Adena. It is possible to cancel the selected skill and get Holy Pomander back. Changing the parameters of Hero Weapons Increased attack parameters for weapons of heroes. The basic parameters are equal to S-grade weapons; The manager of the Olympiad added the ability to insert stones of elements in the weapons of heroes. Elixir Vitality Vitality elixirs can now be used at any level. Raid Boss Zaken The level of the boss and monsters inside the ship was raised to 75.
  8. We will prepare list of all epics and its upgrades and will publish it there. Right now not all of this epic have actual description.
  9. функция блокировки опыта выключена.
  10. In server description we mentioned that some quests have lower exp rate.
  11. Change language: Dear players! Here you can find all features of the Olympiad at L2Remastered. The changes took effect from the current period, which began on 04/01/2019. Update client via updater Olympiad description: To participate in matches you need to be level 65 and have 2 professions; The cycle of the Olympiad are 2 weeks (the current one started 04/01/2019); Each week, one character can participate a maximum of 70 fights.; Days for non-class fights - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; Days for class fights - Saturday; The time of the fights from 18:00 to 23:59; For both class and non-class fights, 5 or more people are required to register. Reward for participation in the battles: As soon as you enter the arena you get Mark of Battle; For winning battles you get Olympiad Tokens; Olympiad Manager has daily quests available by completing which you get Olympiad Treasure Box. You can see the list of products for Mark of Battle and Olympiad Tokens at the Olympiad Manager. How weekly fight limit work: Restrictions work same as in High Five system; Also added an additional system of restrictions: For participating in fights you receive quest item Match Score; If character have 70 Match Score registration will be forbidden for this character until next week; Every Mondat after restart all Match Score will be removed. Interface changes:
  12. check this topic to be in touch with stage progress.
  13. Auto-event Master of Enchanting Master Yogi is a dedicated disciple who has returned from a long pilgrimage. He wants to share his story with anyone who wants to know her. For your patience and dedication, he will offer you such products that you can only dream of. Event phases description: Starting phase of the event: from 30.03.2019 event items could be obtained from monsters, and NPC Master Yogi will also be available to exchange event items. Ending phase of the event: from 13.04.2019 only exchange of event items from NPC Master Yogi will be available. Requires updating the game files through the updater for correct display of event items! The reward will depend on the enchant level of Staff of Master Yogi Event description: Hunt moster and obtain Master Yogi's Scroll: Enchant Weapon . After receiving several scrolls, buy Staff of Master Yogi from Мастер Yogi for 3000 aden. In addition to hunting monsters, you can buy enchant scrolls from the master himself. One account is available 24 enchantment for 6 hours for 18 000 adena. The impatient may acquire more enchant scrolls, but already for 33 333 adenа each. You can give Enchanted Staff of Master Yogi to Master Yogi and get your reward. Reward list: Enchantment level 4 - Firework Enchantment level 5 - Firework х2 Enchantment level 6 - Scroll Enchant Armor (D-Grade) Enchantment level 7 - Scroll Enchant Weapon (D-Grade) Enchantment level 8 - Scroll Enchant Armor (C-Grade) х2 Enchantment level 9 - Scroll Enchant Weapon (C-Grade) Enchantment level 10 - Random hat Enchantment level 11 - Scroll Enchant Weapon (B-Grade) Enchantment level 12 - Scroll Enchant Weapon (A-Grade) Enchantment level 13 - Top-Grade Life Stone Enchantment level 14 - NEW box with B armor Enchantment level 15 - NEW box with A jewelry + NEW box with TOP A weapon keys Enchantment level 16 - NEW TOP A Weapon recipe + Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-Grade) + random SA 11 level Enchantment level 17 - NEW TOP A Weapon recipe + Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-Grade) + Top-Grade Life Stone x3 Enchantment level 18 - NEW TOP A Weapon recipe + random SA 12 level Enchantment level 19 - random SA 12 level + NEW random box with A jewelry x2 Enchantment level 20 - High-Grade Life Stone x10 + Top-Grade Life Stone x10 + random SA 12 level Enchantment level 21 - NEW TOP A weapon random Enchantment level 22 - NEW TOP A weapon random + NEW box with A jewelry x2 Enchantment level 23 - NEW TOP A weapon random + NEW box with A jewelry x5
  14. Dear players! At the moment, the sale of characters through the administration takes place in manual mode. To sell a character, you need to create a ticket in your account with a request to sell a character. Instructions for the sale of the character through the PC: Create a topic on the character sale forum in this topic; Log in to your personal cabinet with the master account on which the account with the character you want to sell is located; Create a user support ticket informing the administration that you are selling a character; After verification of the application, the character for sold will be blocked. The lock will be removed by the administrator after the transfer of the character to the buyer or at the request of the seller. How is it working?: The buyer pays the amount specified by you to his master account; You informing us that the payment was made (you must indicate to which MA the buyer replenished the balance); The administrator transfers the personal account balance from the customer and transfers it to your balance of the trading platform; After that you can withdraw money to an e-wallet or spend it in a game or PC.
  15. Dear players! 03/30/2019 at 11:00(GMT+3), the server will be restarted. Server maintenance time from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Corrected the time of the Sieges (all the sieges will be held on Sunday): Gludio - 16:00 Dion - 16:00 Giran - 16:00 Oren - 20:00 Innadril - 20:00 Schuttgart - 20:00 Attention! Time of the Territorial Wars - Saturday (03/30/2019), the exact time will be indicated by the NPC in towns; New characters will now appear in the TOP No-grade equipment and with No-grade Soulshots/Spiritshots; New characters get 1 Vitality potion, can be used from 1 to 60 level (not tradable); D-Grade equipment added to starter kits; Exping till level 40 become easier; Added herb of Vitality for monsters below 40 level; The in-game event Master of Enchanter will be launched (a topic with a detailed description will be available on 03/30/2019); Now all cloaks can be exchanged for legendary ones (previously, the exchange was not available for some types of cloaks); The Hide ability at level 3 will now last 30 seconds (as stated); Dungeons are now available in forts; Now in forts are available exchange of epaulets for useful materials; In the forts and castles, you can now buy Blood Oath for epaulets to learn the skills of clan units; Now in castles are available exchange of epaulets for useful materials; In the forts and castles, you can now buy Blood Aliance for epaulets to learn the skills of clan units; Fixed description of some items in the game; Fixed a drop and spoil from monsters in Silent Valley; Fixed raid boss Antharas Some minor fixes. Use updater for launch of client. The list of items available for Epaulettes in castles and Forts: How to obtain Epaulettes? Drop - by killing raid bosses in fort and castle dungeon; Quest - as quest reward for dungeons of fort or castle. I remind you that the clans owning forts receive additional skills for the clan (as in the High Five). We wish everyong enjoy the game!
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