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  1. FIX FCKING paypal now i need some russians bank accounts? a u crazy ?
  2. Can admin/gm when somebody have good item to sell rb lvl jewel 2+ , ic/ma set , s weapon 6+ [ as now ] do a live auction [ with annoucement in game] like 1 hour at staged time and bider with higher price wins a item .
  3. dreikas

    WTS s grade HD+10

  4. what to do with this? cant trade cloak? its legendery? and what to do? why i got this? why im getting mask? i cant get anything from them? they only take place from rewards? why this event so unbalanced?
  5. not, asked all friends to get imperial pumpkin its imposible nice event :)))
  6. What chanse to get royal ? i opened 600+ large pumpkin and i got 0 royal 😕
  7. WHY I CANT EDIT MY OWN post? why???????????? i only can edit my replies
  8. 2 ANTHARAI FAILED VALAKAS cant balance 3 new mage classes called archers PAYPAL not working cant redraw money , 0 fck given they do thing as they do 0 fck given about people ? 2 servers open at the same time? after all this fail gl trying gather people to 1 server :)))
  9. Fix paypal :))))))))))))))))) russians :)))) your problem but non-russians suffer now :)))))))))))))
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